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Acupuncture Combines With Osteopathy For Greater Relief


When it comes to medical practices and remedies, the public are often divided between choosing eastern healing or western remedies as most practices can be categorized among these two class. However, not all the time that these two are always pit up against each other. Nowadays, there are instances where osteopaths are suggesting to their patients to try both osteopathy and acupuncture.


Acupuncture has a history of more than 2000 years and originated from Asia as a holistic healing practice. Its basic concept is the flow of body energy or Qi which is a vital factor to the body health. The flow of Qi must be harmonious throughout the body and vital organs or else the health will deteriorate.


Acupuncture uses tiny needles which is inserted in the skin on the pressure points of the body to fix any disturbance of the energy flow. It stimulates the healing process of the body while dispersing body tension and restoring natural energy flow.

So how does acupuncture integrate with osteopathy? Both acupuncture experts and osteopaths are using the interconnection of the body and mind in their healing practices. Combining acupuncture with Osteopathy North York ON can eliminate the cause of health issues completely aside from removing the symptoms.


Though some individuals are using acupuncture to relieve pain, it provides more than that. Among the diseases which acupuncture is effective are:


Abnormal blood pressure and circulation

Common cranial issues like headaches and migraines

Abnormal respiration due to asthma and other conditions

Muscles and bone issues like muscle pains or joint pains. Among the osteopathic problems are arthritis, knees and neck stiffness.

Allergic reactions

Irregular resting conditions like insomnia


There are many people who tried acupuncture saying they have better lives compared to before including improved vitality and energy levels which contributes to overall body health.


A lot of people are reluctant to try acupuncture since it involves a lot of needles. They do not have to worry that the treatment will be painful as the acupuncture needles are not the same with other needles. The needles are a lot finer and inserted using acupuncture techniques. Even the most pain sensitive person will find it tolerable in acupuncture treatment while most people do not feel pain.


There are individuals who are still choosing all western remedies and not considering other treatments like Integratuve Nutrition Vaughan ON. While others prefer eastern healing remedies instead of other available treatments. Fortunately, choosing between the two treatments is not the only solution when it comes to your body problems. You can use both western and eastern healing remedies and you will be surprised on how effective it is in eliminating the cause of your problem. Consult your osteopath before trying out both western and eastern remedies.